Namibians, a unique nation influenced by various cultures, have a long lineage of San Bushmen, Bantu herdsmen, and other tribes. The rugged landscape has allowed for the adaptation and thriving of flora and fauna, with the act of survival being an art. Namibians are committed to protecting natural resources, and the country’s richness of wildlife is attributed to this commitment. The San Bushmen, Bantu herdsmen, and other ethnic groups come together in dress, language, art, music, sport, food, and religion, celebrating their past while working together for the future.

Must see attractions in Namibia

Damaraland Namibia’s Kunene Region, encompassing Damaraland, lies between Brandberg and Sesfontein, offering stunning rocky landscapes and home to diverse wildlife like elephants, rhinos, zebras, and lions.

Etosha National Park The Etosha Pan, an open expanse of green and white, covers 4,800km² in Etosha National Park. Originally a lake, it was transformed into the Atlantic Ocean by the earth’s climate, with its distinctive feature visible even from space.

Kaokoland National Park Namibia’s Kaokoland is a popular safari destination, renowned for its vast landscapes and sparse population. The Kunene River forms a natural border between Namibia and Angola, while the seasonal Hoanib River divides the region from Damaraland. Explore the wonders of Kaokoland with Ker & Downey.

Namib Naukluft Park Namib-Naukluft National Park, situated on Namibia’s western side, spans from the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Escarpment, extending into South Africa. The largest national park in Africa and the fourth largest globally, it boasts the Namib Desert’s splendor and borders neighboring Dorob National Park.

Swakopmund  Swakopmund, situated between Atlantic rollers and the Namib Desert, is Namibia’s adventure capital and a surreal colonial remnant. It serves as a launch pad for exploring the Skeleton Coast and Namib Desert. Swakopmund, with its half-timbered German architecture and Gemütlichkeit, can feel like a holiday town on German coasts transplanted onto African soil. However, its African charm and multidimensional appeal make it a popular destination for travelers.

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